A professional muso for 30 years.

20 years of recording in his and many other studios.

Studio Bio

Welcome to the studio


The studio has been established 20 years and has gained the reputation of getting the job done on time on budget and with great quality.
I try and produce a distinctive sound for each artist, and as I play all the instruments there is no need to hire any players if you are a solo artist.
Bands are catered for also with a full backline of gear.
The recording process should be an enjoyable one so we have a relaxed atmosphere at the studio which all helps to get a good result.
On the technical side I have valve mics into a Mackie desk into motu 828 converters. There are ten guitars, a mandolin, keyboards and percussion. Saxophone and violin players are on call if needed.
I produce RNB, funk, country, jazz, blues (won blues album of the year) and specialize in getting good vocal performances and recordings.
It's not always the gear that is in the studio but the person that's using it that counts.





studio samples

  • Classical Piano
  • Ill Cry Country Ballad Fem
  • Jack The Crow Mid Tempo Funk Male
  • Mister Mistake Soul Male
  • Oceans Remain Funk Male

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